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  1. Choicest Oolong (Wu-Long) is a flavorful alternative to the higher priced Fancy grades, with much of the complexity and cup character. The bold leaves, with some silvery tips, produce a liquor with notes of dark grapes and hints of peach.
  2. May 15,  · In addition, regularly consuming 4 oz ( ml) of green or oolong tea per day may reduce your risk of developing high blood pressure by up to 46%. However, not all studies agree (28, 29).
  3. High Mountain Green Oolong Tea Sachets, 20 count This tea was grown in Nantou county, Taiwan. The elevation of the garden is 1, meters above sea level, well above the requirement to.
  4. In Taiwan tea community, the term High Mountain Oolong is strictly defined as oolong grown at an elevation of meter (or ft.) or above. Our products named .
  5. Oolong Teas. Oolong tea is between a green and black tea. The production of valuable oolong requires time, tradition, and careful craftsmanship. Several sub-varieties of oolong, including those produced in the Wuyi Mountains of northern Fujian and in the central mountains of Taiwan, are among the most famous Chinese teas. Different varieties of.
  6. We sell the finest Organic Oolong Tea, a traditional Chinese tea that is prepared sweet and fruity, or woody and thick, crafted by the most skilled artisans. Oolong teas range from lightly oxidized bright green or golden, to more heavily oxidized hues of amber-orange or heavily roasted dark coffee-brown.
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  8. Aug 08,  · Oolong tea can be very slightly oxidized to just 8% or high oxidized to 80%, resulting in a wide range of flavor notes, mouthfeels, textures, sensations and bodies. Once oxidized and dried, the leaves are twisted and curled into beautiful elongated shapes.

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