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  1. Jan 30,  · What is a speakeasy, you might ask? A speakeasy refers to a hidden, secret, often password-protected bar that used to be around during the prohibition era in the early s, and they're a new.
  2. Directed by Brendan Murphy. With David Strathairn, Nicky Katt, Stacy Edwards, Christopher McDonald. The story is about a man, Bruce Hickman, and his relationship with another man, Frank, the thing that they have in common is the relation with a deaf person. With this relation the characters will discover lot of things about their past/10().
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  4. speak·eas·y (spēk′ē′zē) n. pl. speak·eas·ies A place for the illegal sale and consumption of alcoholic drinks, as during Prohibition in the United States. speakeasy (ˈspiːkˌiːzɪ) n, pl -easies (Brewing) US a place where alcoholic drink was sold illicitly during Prohibition [C from speak + easy (in the sense: gently, quietly)] speak.
  5. Speakeasies were generally ill-kept secrets, and owners exploited low-paid police officers with payoffs to look the other way, enjoy a regular drink or tip them off about planned raids by federal Prohibition agents. Bootleggers who supplied the private bars would add water to good whiskey, gin and other liquors to sell larger quantities. Others resorted to selling still-produced .
  6. At the Speak Easy Italian Restaurant, you get great cuisine! It’s fine family dining at modest prices or join your friends for a beverage in the lounge.
  7. Speakeasy definition, a saloon or nightclub selling alcoholic beverages illegally, especially during Prohibition. See more.

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