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  1. Novice Slovenija Črna kronika Tujina Gospodarstvo Finance Znanost in tehnologija Fit 24ur Čas za Zemljo Veriga dobrih ljudi. Šport Nogomet Liga prvakov Liga Evropa Prva liga Telekom Slovenije MotoGP Košarka Zimski športi Borilni športi Drugi športi Športne serije.
  2. novice: 1 n someone new to a field or activity Synonyms: beginner, initiate, tiro, tyro Types: show 10 types hide 10 types abecedarian a novice learning the rudiments of some subject apprentice, learner, prentice works for an expert to learn a trade cub, greenhorn, rookie an awkward and inexperienced youth landlubber, landsman.
  3. Aug 06,  · A novice is someone who has been doing a job or other activity for only a short time and so is not experienced at it. I'm a novice at these things, Lieutenant. You're the professional. [ + at] As a novice writer, this is something I'm interested in.
  4. novice Slovenija v številkah: 53 rojenih, 56 umrlih, 18 porok in 7 razvez Statistični urad RS je objavil zanimivo demografsko statistiko za leto , potem ko je izračunal, koliko je bilo preteklo leto v Sloveniji v povprečju rojstev, smrti, porok in ločitev na dan.
  5. “Novice Dragoneer is deep and thoughtful, with intricate worldbuilding and resonant characters both human and draconic. Anyone who fell in love with Tamora Pierce’s Alanna will find a home here too.”—Django Wexler, author of The Infernal Battalion.
  6. A novice in horse racing is an inexperienced racehorse which has not run in a certain number of races of a particular type, or not won in such races. The definition of a novice is determined by the horse racing authority in a particular country or area.
  7. • There are three classes; novice, amateur and professional. • The Eiger is a difficult mountain to climb. Novices should not attempt it. • Every novice student learns the elementary propositions of welfare economics. • Knee and elbow pads are recommended for novice roller bladers.
  8. One of the largest and most unique collections of handmade jewelry, featuring stunning necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings by talented artisans and silversmiths worldwide.
  9. a person who is beginning to learn a job or an activity and has little or no experience or skill in it: I’m just a novice at making videos. (Definition of novice from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press) novice .

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